Three Tips for Achieving Your Body Composition Goals

Body Composition Goals

Let’s start from the beginning. What is body composition? Body composition refers to the relationship between muscle and fat in your body. There is an ideal ratio of muscle and fat for each unique individual; utilizing our combination of metabolic testing and body composition analysis, our nutrition experts can help you achieve your individual goals.

To get you started, learn a little bit more about reaching your body composition goals below:

Start with your nutrition

A healthy lifestyle begins with an appropriate nutrition plan. Meaning you need to eat a balanced diet, providing the energy your body needs and can use to increase energy, shed excess pounds and defy aging. Aim to increase intake of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains; while cutting down on those foods that provide no nutritional value.

Include movement or exercise in your routine

Introducing exercise, movement and weight training to your routine can decrease anxiety, while increasing lean muscle mass and igniting your body’s fat burning potential. A general rule of thumb is to include some form of exercise or movement at least three times per week. It may be beneficial to reach out to a nutrition or metabolic expert in order to assess the best and safest type of movement for your body.

Consistency is key

Improving your nutrition and exercising habits will not automatically help you achieve your goals. You need to be consistent and stay committed. One key is to create habits that make you accountable. Receiving guidance and support from a nutritionist can increase a sense of responsibility and ensure you stick to your routine.

Metabolic Testing & Body Composition Analysis: Further Reading

If you are looking for an accurate method of achieving your weight management goals, our dedicated nutrition professionals can support you on this journey. At the Kahm Clinic, our nutritionists utilize metabolic testing and body composition analysis to assess your individual needs. We can offer highly effective and customized treatment plans as well as track your progress. Metabolic testing and body composition analysis take much of the guesswork out of nutritional guidance, since it is based on empirical data. These tests help you understand your body while motivating to reach healthy goals. Our nutritionists can recommend how you can best fuel your body to prevent accelerated aging, optimize fat-burning capacity and how to build muscle.

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