Measuring Health From the Inside

By Annika Kahm, MS & Carolyn Hodges Chaffee, MS, RDN, CEDRD  

Measuring Health From The Inside is a major step forward in treating patients with eating disorders. This important book explains how two simple measurement techniques - Metabolic Testing and Body Composition Analysis - can help patients make rapid progress in understanding their condition and tracking their progress toward recovery.

Thousands of patients have been successfully diagnosed and treated by this technology at Carolyn's clinic and Annika's private practice. In Measuring Health From The Inside, they explain how the information from the tests can be used to help treat patients not only for their underlying eating disorder but also for the malnutrition that almost always accompanies - and worsens - the condition. Based on their extensive experience, they offer practical guidance for therapists, patients, and loved ones on the often overlooked importance of nutrition in treating eating disorders.

Professional Praise for the book

"This remarkable book represents the distillation of literally decades of experience of two gifted senior clinicians addressing the crucial nutritional aspects of eating disorders…Aside from their (the tests') intrinsic value in informing and guiding the course of treatment, the authors have also found these tests particularly valuable for engaging patients, as collaborators in the treatment, helping them to understand the rationale for each aspect of treatment strategy, and making it possible for them to see concrete evidence of even early progress as the treatment unfolds. The result is a coherent and carefully designed approach to understanding and constructively addressing the nutritional treatment of eating disorders. Whether approached as a comprehensive text of as a reference work, the reader will be consistently rewarded with useful observations and ingenious solutions to common clinical dilemmas."

David Greenfield M.D. | Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine

"Incorporating up-to-date research on the intricacies of the full range of eating disorders, Hodges-Chaffee and Kahm's sophisticated but accessible book provides patients and families with a respectfully collaborative approach to understanding and treating these challenging illnesses."

Douglas W. Bunnell, Ph. D., FEAD, CEDS | Chief Clinical Development and Education Officer Monte Nido & Affiliated


"A ground breaking approach to moving beyond the standard wrights and labs, and look inside the body for true measure of malnutrition and the impact of the eating disorder on the body. This is an excellent guide to help individuals understand the impact of malnutrition on the recovery process and seek out an appropriate treatment plan."

Christy Duffy, Ph. D. | HSPP Director, Under the Umbrella


Patient Reactions:

"These were the first tests that ever indicated that there was something wrong, my blood work was always normal despite that I purged ten times a day."

 "If not for the use of Metabolic Testing and Body Composition Analysis approach to compel our daughter to persevere, she would not be completely healed, and instead prone to chronic anorexia."