weight mangement

WEight Management


We can help you

  •    Reach the lowest weight at which you can be healthy and flourish.
  •    Stop Dieting On and Off. 

Dieting is miserable and frustrating. Almost everyone fails. Why? Because we usually cut too many calories, and our metabolism (your calorie and fat burning engine) slows down while our body stocks up on fat to protect us from starving. We also get very hungry and less able to resist it. 

We can help. Our high-end medical machines measure your metabolism and your body composition. We will get your metabolism up to speed, if it has slowed, and then cut calories just to the point that your biological safeguard against starvation doesn’t kick in. Each body is different, but we can see, at each visit, whether your body is moving in the right direction or whether your metabolism is slowing and you are losing muscle and gaining fat. Cross that line, and biology will win, and it’s just a matter of time before you’re dieting once again. Let us help you cure this frustrating cycle once and for all.

Please give us a call, we are happy to chat with you about this in greater detail or to set up an appointment. For a more detailed discussion, please see our blog post on weight management.