Sports Nutrition


If you are an athlete training for an event, practicing for a team sport, or simply increasing your current exercise routine at the gym, we can help optimize your nutrition so that you can meet all of your training and exercise goals and be as strong and fast as possible.

Performing to the best of your ability and being a strong athlete involves much more than training harder and drinking a protein shake. In fact, increasing training without the proper nutrition can result in lower energy availability that decreases your body’s ability to function efficiently. As a result, you may notice chronic fatigue, inability to gain or build muscle, increased instance of injuries, increased and prolonged muscle soreness and training hard without improvement in athletic performance.

By using the unique methodology at The Kahm Clinic, we are able to test your Metabolic Rate to determine exactly what substrate (fat, carbohydrate, or protein)  your body is using as fuel. The data from the Metabolic Test helps us to determine the best nutrition plan for your body to ultimately enhance your athletic performance. In addition to this, our Body Composition Analysis, will guide us to provide you with the “food for fuel” to keep you at your optimal muscle mass along with healthy fat mass to be your most efficient and strong self. Using these tests allows us to keep you on a consistent nutrition plan that keeps your body performing well in order to see results at the gym, on the field or at the finish line.  

We encourage open collaboration with your coach, trainer, family, physician and other health professionals, as appropriate.  If you feel anxious or stressed about your exercise and performance or have noticed a significant, unplanned decrease in muscle mass, please read the warning signals under “Compulsive Exercise.