Metabolic Reset

We can reset your metabolism. Most people who claim to do this just make you exercise lots and put you on some fad diet: there is no evidence that this works. In fact, more often than not, such efforts will lower your metabolism, not increase it. Cutting calories and exercising more is pretty much the quickest way to slow anyone’s metabolism.

We actually measure your metabolism, take concrete steps to reset it, if it is low, and then test it again, and show you the empirical progress. 

Why should you care about your metabolism?

Because it’s the internal engine which keeps you alive and living well. Slowdown that engine and you’ll have less energy, put on fat (it’s also your fat burning machine), get sick more often, age much more quickly, sleep worse, perform worse as an athlete, recover from injuries slower, think less clearly (your brain consumes 20% of your caloric intake, far more than any other muscle or organs in your body), etc. 

We are not a quick-fix lose-weight-fast diet program. We care about health, and it is hard to underestimate the importance of a robust metabolism on almost every facet of our lives. Come in, get tested, and see whether or not you do indeed have a slow metabolism. If you do, we can help you reset it and live a healthier, happier, and more energetic life. 

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