How We Are Different


We Can See What Others Cannot

At The Kahm Clinic, we take much of the guessing out of nutritional treatment. Trained to use the most advanced and sophisticated medical machinery available, our nutritionists can see what others, even doctors, routinely overlook. Metabolic Testing and Body Composition Analysis are two diagnostic tests that measure health from inside the body. When these two machines are used in tandem by someone trained to understand the data, they provide immediate empirical results that enable us to hone in on the problem and see what others cannot.

What We Can See

For instance, the machines measure the rate at which calories are being burnt, the proportion of fat and lean mass, cellular integrity, and whether or not a person is consuming their lean tissue (muscles, brain, organs, bone mass, etc.) for fuel to compensate for a caloric deficit. These non-invasive tests provide a more accurate assessment of nutritional health than has been seen before. We are able to immediately and accurately evaluate the degree of malnutrition and based on the empirical data present highly effective and customized treatment plans to reach metabolic fitness and optimal health.

Effective and Customized Eating Plans

These plans are sometimes highly counter-intuitive. For instance, many people who wish to reach their leanest livable and healthy weight actually have to eat more for a few weeks. They must first normalize their decreased metabolism before they can lose weight. But each person is different, and we cannot help until we can see what is really happening inside your body. Because we can see far more clearly what is happening inside your particular body, we know with far greater precision how much help you need, how to help you, and we can also see when you have become healthy (from a nutritional perspective). With the guidance of our nutritionist, these tests provide not only tangible information that people can understand, but the data also motivates and convinces them to make the recommended changes because they can see what is happening inside their own bodies. Seeing their nutritional state, seeing their improvement while noticing their own body recovering and responding in multifaceted ways gives them the confidence to follow through with the treatment program.

Who We Can Help

With our unique treatment methodology we can help a broad swath of people who need and can benefit from nutritional counseling.  We help with weight management, fatigue, sports nutrition, prediabetes, et al. We also have particular expertise in treating eating disorders, including, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, compulsive exercise, and other eating disorders that are particularly difficult to classify (otherwise known as OSFED). Please reach out to us and schedule an appointment with our nutritionists.