“Why do I feel tired all the time?” About 30% of visits to doctors involve complaints like this.

One obvious cause, which is all too common and overlooked, is that you are not eating right. Food is fuel, and if you’re not fueling right, you will be fatigued. While it is common, it is overlooked because it is hard to measure. But that’s exactly what we do. With metabolic testing, we will be able to see, right away, whether this is the cause of your fatigue. We can see how many calories you are burning/day vs. how many you should, and how you are metabolizing your fat, carbohydrates and protein.

Food may or may not be the cause of your fatigue, but if you come in for one visit, we’ll know for sure. Either we will get you eating better and have more energy, or you can rule nutrition out as a cause of your fatigue and hone in on the problem with other medical professionals. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. We have yet to meet someone who did not learn something useful from getting tested.

Perhaps getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t help and perhaps you’ve been to the doctor to rule out any medical condition. Fatigue results from interacting factors like nutrition, digestion and stress.  You rely on your body’s trillions of cells getting macro- (protein, fats and carbohydrate) and micro –(vitamins and minerals) nutrients to generate energy every day.  In other words, nutrient deficiencies slow down energy production inside the cells resulting in excessive tiredness and lack of energy. Those suffering from fatigue are commonly eating a poor quality diet (low in fruits and vegetables;  deficient in vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients; excessive in high-glycemic, high fat, high-inflammatory foods).  In addition, fatigue sufferers have been found to have more digestive symptoms linked to altered intestinal bacteria and abnormal function of the intestinal lining.

Weight issues may also be a reason for tiredness. Being underweight or overweight can also contribute to tiredness as the body has to work harder to perform everyday activities.

As you can see, tiredness is a complex issue. Whether you have serious chronic fatigue, or you just don’t have as much energy as you should, please come in get tested and see if food issues are at the root of your fatigue. As we said, this is all too common and overlooked.

Please reach out to us, we want to help you regain your energy.